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Locked bike stolen, pawned, recovered by San Francisco Police
Thanks to you and the San Francisco Police I have been reunited with my Bianchi bicycle that I had registered with you. It had been stolen by removing my Kryptonite-locked bicycle that had been locked to a diagonal bar of scaffolding. I have thus learned that scaffolding is not the place to which to lock a bicycle. A week after its theft, it was pawned for $20 at a pawnshop only a few blocks from my home.
Bob S, San Francisco, CA

Bike gone for 6 months, returned
I'd like to thank you for finding my bike. I had really lost hope. It had been gone six months and the police themselves even had difficulty finding records of it. But one evening you called me on the phone and the next day I had my expensive bike back in good condition. I know you were just delivering on the service you promised, but to me it was a miracle.
Robin K, Milwaukee, WI

Diamondback bike stolen from playground, returned less than a week later
My son’s Diamondback bike was stolen from his playground. Not a week later, NBR called me and said the bike was found. The bike was $139. It took a lot to buy that back. When it got stolen, it was a great loss for us. Having it back means everything! We’re very grateful as stolen bikes don’t get usually returned.
Johanna L, homemaker, Clifton Heights, PA

Locked Diamondback stolen, returned by Portland Police
My Diamondback bile was stolen on August 5-6 from my porch where it was locked. It was a new bike and cost $340. Then, beginning of September, the National Bike Registry sent me an e-mail to let me know my bike was found by the Portland Police Department. I almost deleted the e-mail as I thought it was spam. When I read it, I wondered how someone would know my bike was stolen. Then, I remembered I had registered the bike with the National Bike Registry. It is wonderful. Such great news! I never thought I would get the bike back.
Adam S, front desk, Hilton hotel, Portland, OR

Raleigh bike stolen, returned 3 weeks later
My Raleigh bike was stolen about the end of August from in front of my house. It was shortly before 8 pm and we had just had dinner and were getting ready for a bike ride. I called the County Sheriff's Department and filed a report. I knew that I had registered the bike for the National Bike Registry service through Raleigh. So, I was waiting for someone to call that they found my bike. I was called about three weeks later by a person from the Bike Shop in Stuart, FL, where I bought the bike from, saying that the National Bike Registry had found my bike. I then called the number they gave me for the National Bike Registry and was provided with instructions how to retrieve my bike. It means a lot to me to have the bike back since I live in an area where it is most helpful to have a bike. I certainly recommend the National Bike Registry and if I got another bike, I would most certainly register it with you, too.
J. Dean, retired military, Stuart, FL

Reported stolen bike sold by thief for $500, returned by honest new owner
My bike got stolen beginning of December and, having heard of the National Bike Registry, I went to their website to report it stolen. Then, on December 29, the people from the National Bike Registry called me to let me know that a person, who had purchased my bike from a suspicious individual outside of Boulder, CO, had contacted them to check if the bike was stolen. The finder was willing to cooperate and return my bike and I agreed that the National Bike Registry put us in touch to resolve the situation. I assume my insurance would cover the $500 the finder paid to the criminal. We're also contacting the local police department for a further investigation. I'm thrilled the bike was found. I hope we can find the person who stole it, as well. I appreciate that people are honest and reported my stolen bike found.
Tait S, Boulder, CO

Returned Torker tricycle means everything to owner
My Torker Tri-Star tricycle was stolen from right in front of my door. I could not believe when the National Bike Registry called and said the bike had been found. I was ecstatic. I’m handicapped and this bike means everything to me. It's my only means of transportation. Thank you.
Heidi D, American Falls, ID

Student’s bike stolen from campus, returned by Norfolk Police, VA
I came back home for Easter break and left my bike locked on school campus. When I got back to school the following Monday, it wasn’t there. The afternoon police recovered the bike, National Bike Registry called with the good news. The bike is a primary means of transportation for me. Without it it was very difficult to move around campus. Having it back allows me get to my classes on time. Thank you, National Bike Registry!
Scott C, student, Partlow, VA

Family bikes returned
I was very pleased with the service that National Bike Registry provided. They alerted me to who had my stolen Giant bike which also lead to the recovery of the second Electra bike I had also stolen. I plan to register all my bikes with NBR. The Electra belongs to my wife. I fixed the Giant bike and gave it to my daughter who rides it and loves it.
Paul S, assistant manager, Houston, TX

National Bike Registry protects a child’s Christmas gift
My son left his Diamondback bike unlocked in front of the youth center he goes to. When he came out, the bike was gone. Just two days ago we filed a theft report with the MPs at the local air force base. We're very excited we're getting the bike back. My son just got it forty days ago as his Christmas gift. We were worrying as the longer the bike was out there, the less the chances to get it back.
Michelle B, mother, Riverside, OH

Student’s bike stolen - back before you know it!
I had my bike locked. It has to have been stolen. I thought you guys did a great job in notifying me even before I knew the bike was gone. It means a lot. It's a $300 bike and one of my main means of transportation.
Sarah P, college student, Chico, CA

Stolen bikes don’t get usually returned, unless they’re registered with NBR
That is great! I am impressed - usually when you get your bike stolen, you never expect to have it back.
Jayme B, Chico, CA

Daughter’s bike stolen from school, returned after a week
That is great! It is my daughter's bike. It was probably stolen from my daughter's school as it is missing since last Thursday or Friday.
Frank S, professor, Davis, CA

Diamondback bike stolen from student, returned by Albuquerque Police
I don't have a car and the bike is my only means of transportation. I go to work and to school with it, so it is everything to me. I was totally lost when it got stolen. I am so happy to get it back with the help of National Bike Registry and the Albuquerque University Police.
Arielle W, student/waitress, Albuquerque, NM

2 years after the theft, stolen bike still gets back to owner
I am shocked to hear you found my Specialized bike. My parents called me today you have my bike. I can't believe it - it got stolen more than two years ago when I had just moved from New York to my new apartment in Boston. Thank you so much!
Marian Q, Boston, MA

Del Sol Shoreliner bike found abandoned on neighbor’s lawn, returned
It's awesome. It's cool. I didn't even know my Del Sol bike was gone. I just looked out as I am speaking to you and it is not there. I feel very happy to get it back.
Christine W, Chico, CA

Giant bike returned by Orinda Police, CA
I have other bikes stolen in Lafayette before, this looks like my son’s bike but I have to confirm when I get back home. That is quite impressive; you got my bike even before I knew it was missing!
David S, Lafayette, CA

Stolen bike posted on Craigslist, returned with help from Oakland Police
I am amazed and grateful to NBR for having this type of service. This is my son’s Giant Rincon mountain bike. He’s been without it for a year. The bike was returned with the cooperation of the Oakland Police after it was posted for sale on Craigslist. Two interested buyers saw the bike and called NBR to check if it was stolen, and NBR immediately contacted me. Turns out the seller had purchased the bike at a police auction in Oakland. I had mailed a stolen report to the Oakland Police earlier but I guess it never made it into their database. We’re delighted to have the bike back. I will always register my bikes with the National Bike Registry. It’s just wonderful how well everything came out.
Caroline M, hospital administrator, Oakland, CA

Kid’s Redline bike returned
This is my son’s Redline BMX bike. He’s had two bikes stolen so far but this one he registered with the National Bike Registry. Bike was stolen a couple of weeks ago. My son went to a friend’s house and parked the bike outside. When he got out to come back home, the bike was no longer there. It makes us happy to have our son’s bike back. It cost $200. Now, we don’t have to buy him a new one. You can’t just buy your kid any bike. It has to be a good bike and good new bikes are expensive.
Paul H, receiver for CNS Wholesales grocery store, Agawam, MA

Raleigh bike returned by Atlanta Police, helps apprehend thief
I am grateful to NBR for having this type of service available to police, otherwise I would not have had my Raleigh bike back. I’m still amazed the length the thief went to steal my bike, but I’m thankful it was registered with NBR. Otherwise it would have been lost forever.
Seng P, Atlanta, GA

Bicycle falls off car rack, returned
Thanks so much! Our Bacchetta bicycle wasn't actually stolen, but fell off the bike carrier on our car without us noticing. We did recover the bike and am SO glad I registered it with the National Bike Registry. It does pay off.
Cheri S, Kansas City, MO

$1,000 bike returned to student owner by a Good Samaritan
Thank you so much, you made my day! I am a graduate student at Salt Lake City University. Yesterday I went to school and locked up my bike around noon, went to the lab for the afternoon and when I returned later that evening it was gone - all of it, the lock, the bike, everything. I was very upset. I had to take the bus home. I immediately notified my bike team, the bike shop and the police to keep an eye for it. I also reported it to your organization as a method of getting it back. I heard of the NBR from my bike shop when I bought the bike. The finder is a very nice gentleman. He was outside his office yesterday when he saw a homeless person walking with this very nice bike. He thought it seemed out of place and he offered to buy the bike for $60. Then he called NBR and his suspicion that the bike was stolen was confirmed. I got the bike from him today. The bike is worth $1000 so I am very happy. I am writing an email to all my friends and family to let them know this amazing story. Thank you again.
Kimberly B, student, Salt Lake City, UT

Law Enforcement

National Bike Registry doubles bike returns
Thanks so much! Our Bacchetta bicycle wasn't actually stolen, but fell off the bike carrier on our car without us noticing. We did recover the bike and am SO glad I registered it with the National Bike Registry. It does pay off.
Cheri S, Kansas City, MO

Labeled or not, we can get your NBR-registered bike back
We run every bike we touch through the NBR database - whether it has a label or not. If it’s in there, we’ll get it back.
Tess Waters, Las Vegas Metro Police Department

NBR database access helps police quickly identify and return recovered bikes
I would like to thank you for your assistance with the recovery of a stolen mountain bike. A "Gary Fisher" MT bike was taken in a burglary and ditched because the offender'(s) could not fully remove the village bicycle license. I noticed the "National Bike Registry" decal next to the serial number and through your assistance we were able to identify and return the bike to its owner. With the Login and password you provided, we will start checking to see if the bikes are on file with the National Bike Registry and if so, hopefully make the arrests and return the bikes to their proper owner. The suspects of the various burglaries, including the one involving the "Gary Fisher" MT bike were stopped the night of the burglary by Northwestern Campus Police. The bicycles they were riding were run through the state computer. The bikes were not yet reported stolen. When our department entered the bikes as stolen, our Telecommunicator noticed the bikes were previously run. The investigation still continues and arrests to follow shortly. Needless to say if they were on the Gary Fisher Mountain bike, using our new login and password, we possibly could have made the arrest running the serial number through your database. Thanks again for all your help.
Officer L. Betz, Wilmette Police Department, IL

National Bike Registry helps return bikes cross country
I tell people that it’s not enough to register your bike with your local police department. That only works if it’s stolen and found in the same town, which is rare in metropolitan areas with many adjacent communities, such as Lafayette. A bike stolen here could end up found in Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco or even clear across the country. Only with a nationwide database like NBR, can we efficiently track a recovered bike and get it back to its owner
Officer David Thys, Lafayette (Calif.) Police Department

Raleigh bike returned, keeps supporting good cause
We help kids that have been in prison. We provide bikes for their transportation needs when they get out of prison. If it wasn’t for the National Bike Registry, we would not have been able to get this bike back. It would have been long gone. That’s huge.
Greg Munson, head of Workforce program, Eagle, ID

NBR-registered bike helps police return a non-registered bike as well
National Bike Registry was very helpful in matching the bikes with their owners, who were friends who had the bikes stolen at another friend’s house. It helped us identify and return both the registered bike and the bike which wasn’t registered but also had the NBR label. This proves that the NBR system works.
Patrolman Eric Lottermoser, Agawam Police Department, MA

National Bike Registry helps apprehend thief
The thief was acting suspicious as he was riding the bike throughout a neighborhood, so I followed him. And when he tried to break into the car, I was able to apprehend him and through the NBR service confirmed my suspicion that the bike was not his.
Officer Abraham, Atlanta Police Department, GA

NBR helps keep college campuses safe
Our goal is to be one of the safest colleges in the nation. NBR’s service complements our existing local bike registration program and gives us another way to deter crime and to help keep our campus safe and bike theft-free. By having all of our bikes registered with NBR and through the Elgin Police Department, we know they have the best chance of being reunited with the rightful owners if ever stolen. We have a three-level warning program we call ‘Gotcha’ where we tag the unregistered bikes and on the third warning we install a Judson ‘boot’ until they are registered.
Dennis Hood, Judson College Department of Public Safety, Elgin, IL

Northern California Police Department has a gift for city’s residents – free National Bike Registry protection
On average, 15 to 20 bikes are stolen each year in our community. Of those bikes, only one or two are returned to their owners because most bikes are left here unclaimed, with no label or identification. It is simple to put an NBR ID label on the bike to register it, and we want to encourage all of our residents to do it.
Chief Parish Cross, Mt. Shasta Police Department, CA

NBR responds to police needs
Thanks to NBR, I was able to contact the owner and return the bike to them. Thank you, NBR, for your response.
Eric Anderson, Lee Summi Police Department, MO

NBR works!
I run bikes through NBR on a regular basis but have never had a match until now. I was pleasantly surprised to see a hit and that it works. I do have the owner's information from the police theft report he filed but wanted to verify if he had registered with NBR as well. I have left a voice message for him and will advise him to contact you and update his registration.
Suzanne Cushman, Property Room, Springfield Police Department, OR


NBR is our easiest add-on sale
It’s our easiest add-on sale. We start by letting customers know they can now register their bikes with us. And the NBR packs are in a display right on the counter. We believe NBR is a vital part of our community service efforts and our customers recognize this.
Frank Dryer, owner of Hank & Frank Bicycles, Lafayette and Oakland, CA

NBR is a smart investment
Every bike owner should register their bike(s) with the National Bike Registry. It is a smart investment. Because of the National Bike Registry, we are here today to return a stolen bike to its rightful owner.
Brian Daellenbach, owner of Chico Bike and Board, Chico, CA

Distributors and retailers happy to offer NBR protection
We are very excited to be one of the first distributors to offer the NBR pack to our dealers and their customers
Eric Morgon, marketing director of Wilson Bicycle Sales, Hayward, CA

NBR and partner bike store help return stolen bike and catch thief
A man walked in the store with a bike, needed a wheel. Our mechanic recognized the bike as one that a customer had reported stolen, but was not sure who it was. I had the mechanic get the serial number to me and checked the number in my POS and with National Bike Registry, and located the owner. Also called the police to see what bikes were reported stolen in the past few months that match my description. I told the officer we had the bike and the suspect at the store. Our mechanic stalled the suspect and when the officer arrived we confirmed the serial number. The thief had several warrants for his arrest.
Dan Shuman, owner of Salem Cycle, Salem, MA


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