BoomerangIt bridges the communication gap between you and the finder of your lost item. There are two parts to this bridge: the labels and tags you attach to your possessions, and your online BoomerangIt account. The labels link the finder to us; your account links us to you.

A BoomerangIt account is completely free — just sign up with an email and password to see all the features. Once you activate the labels you buy in our online shop, you have a true lost & found protection and management system in your hands. Remember, the more informative you make your account, the better BoomerangIt protects your things.

"It would be an understatement to say you saved my life!"

Kevin VE

Chicago, IL


Click here to create a BOOMERANGIT ACCOUNT.


Go to our SHOP and purchase your labels and tags.


Enter the ACTIVATION CODE of the label pack in your account.


Put the labels and tags on the possessions you wish to protect.


All your labels and tags are listed in your INVENTORY page.


Add DESCRIPTIVE DETAILS of the items in your Inventory.


Uploading photos helps us verify your item if it gets lost & found.


Input your contact details in the BASIC INFO page.


Put other contact people in the CONTACTS page.


Review all your account info in the SUMMARY page.


Use the LOST REPORT page to notify us if you lose something.


Make sure you keep your BoomerangIt account up to date!