Why do you need BoomerangIt?

Because BoomerangIt protects your critical possessions from accidental loss.

Our tracker labels, tags, and cards give you an EXCELLENT CHANCE of getting back a lost item.

Protects your wallet,
your ID,
your cards & documents.

☆ wallet, passport, debit card, credit card ☆
☆ medical card, driver's license, national ID card, state ID card ☆
☆ staff card / access pass, military ID card, PBA card ☆
☆ car registration and insurance (holder) ☆
☆ gym & club membership cards ☆
☆ internet banking fob ☆
☆ stored value, tap & go smart cards ☆
☆ MetroCard, Octopus card, Oyster card, EZ-Link card ☆

Protects your phone,
and power bank.

Remember to label both your phone and its case, as the finder of a lost phone is unlikely to remove the case and see the label on the phone itself. If you use a flip-type case for your phone, you can insert the BoomerangIt Security Card in the inside slip pocket.

Protects your laptop,
and USB accessories.

☆ thumb drives ☆
☆ wifi dongle ☆
☆ external hard drive ☆
☆ mouse ☆
☆ power adapter ☆

Protects your audio devices.

Protects your day bag,
and suitcases.

Protects your keys,
your watch,
and items of apparel.

Protects your
health essentials.

Protects your bicycle,

scooter, and skateboard.

Protects your camera.

Tackles your kids'
talent for losing things.

Protects your leisure.