Basic Guarantee

Each BoomerangIt label or tag you buy comes with our Basic Guarantee. If the possession you've attached it to gets lost and subsequently reported found to us, we'll let you know immediately, sending text message and email notifications to you and the additional contacts you've provided in your online account.

To retrieve your lost & found possession you can meet the person that found it, otherwise have us arrange for it to be mailed or couriered back to you. These costs would be covered by Back-2-U if you'd purchased it, otherwise are chargeable. It's up to you how to go about recovering your item.

Check our Basic Guarantee page for full details.

Back-2-U Cover

The best way to anticipate and save on the cost of getting your lost items back quickly is to have your BoomerangIt account covered by our comprehensive recovery service, Back-2-U. It means BoomerangIt gets your lost & found property back to you as fast as possible, from anywhere in the world, to wherever you want it delivered, whenever it happens — at no cost. What's more, Back-2-U has you covered for 10 years. Back-2-U is super-economical, practical, and above all, reassuring, making BoomerangIt the world's best lost & found protection system for individuals, families, and organizations alike.

Check our Back-2-U Cover page for full details.