Robert G

Security Guard

Prescott, AZ

"These were keys for my bike lock and for the padlock for my home security storage. The padlock is almost impossible to open without keys and I have thousands of dollars in computers in that storage."

Samantha C

Customer Service Rep

Heathrow Airport, London

"That is great news indeed! I left my Iphone on the Heathrow Express train. I was absolutely devastated. I would have never gotten it back without BoomerangIt."


S Kim

Beltsville, MD

"Thank you so, so much! I was astonished when I heard from the University of Maryland Police Department. My bike is now safely returned to me, the lock is broken — that's all!"


stay-at-home dad

Sparks, NV

"BoomerangIt's fabulous! My laptop got stolen from my friend's car. I'm so glad to have it back as it cost me a lot of money. Now I want to get more labels for my new laptop and other items."


William Johnson Jnr.

Alexandria, VA

"You can tell the finder that they can keep my iPod. I bought an Iphone a while ago, so there's no need to return it to me. I’m curious if you could provide the finder’s contact info though. I’d like to thank them anyway."

Laura R


New Albany, OH

"I lost my phone at Cincinnati Airport. It must have fallen out of my bag either at security or at the flight gates. My life is in that device. Very thrilling to have it back!"

security gate

Brendan B

Moraga, CA

"My Cannondale bike was stolen from my garage. They broke the wooden pole I had it locked to. Someone found it and reported it to you, and you notified me. Sweet! Awesome! Thank you guys!"

Michael JD

La Canada, CA

"BoommerangIt's great! No need to buy a new bike now."

Sleepy Head

"A month and a half ago I went to Vegas and lost my phone on the plane somewhere. I made it back to Chicago, but without it. Then I got a letter from my old address in Sleepy Hollow telling me that you'd returned it. I totally forgot about BoomerangIt! I'm going to let everyone I know how wonderful your service is!"

Sandra O'K

Chicago, IL

no idea

John O


harlevoix, MI

"Oh, my God! You found it. Where? No idea how I lost my phone. It was in my shirt pocket. Must have fallen out of pocket while I was getting out of the car. It means a lot to have it back. I have all my addresses and schedules in there."

figure it out

Jeff B

St Paul, MN

"What were these keys doing in my car? Guess we’ll never figure it out. Turns out they belong to the guy across the street!"

New Dawn

"I lost my phone on the New York subway commuting to work one Monday morning. I informed Lost & Found but they never got back to me. Then I got your text telling me that someone had found it. Luckily they worked just a couple of blocks away from my studio. It was such a relief to get it back. This whole experience gave me a lot of hope, humanity, and human kindness."

Lucille M.

Costume Designer

New York


Rita S

Dental Assistant

San Diego, CA

"I'm so shocked it actually came back to me . . . it's WONDERFUL!'"

money spent

Amy G

Financial Analyst

Ann Arbor, MI

"Wonderful — well worth the money spent. I really appreciate you getting in contact with me. Thank you."


Worried Sick

"Somewhere between my car and my office I lost my car keys. I had a second set at home, but for days I was driving around London worried sick that someone had them and knew which car they belonged to. I'm so grateful to BoomerangIt and the person that called them in."

Sandy B

Real Estate Agent

London, England

pays for itself

Robert G


El Cajon, CA

"BoomerangIt has paid for itself 30 times over."


Boatmaker's Service Agent

Charlevoix, MN

"I found it in the parking lot. I'm just trying to do the right thing, that's all."


"We went the whole weekend without realizing the keys were missing. ‘Oh, my God. What happened to those keys?’ Fortunately, the ballet school next door found them on the street in front of our business and called BoomerangIt. We were so happy. We love your products."

Eleanor K

Pacific Palisades, CA


Joe M

occupation not known

Evergreen Park, IL

"It's nice to know there are honest people in the world. I gave the finder a gift card to a local restaurant in appreciation for her honesty. Thanks again."


Barbara S


Portland, OR

"I set my Iphone down by the lockbox in front of a house I was showing to a client. It means my complete life and livelihood to have it back. It's a miracle!"


Old World, New World

"I never expected to see my Nikon digital camera again, since my son left it in a pub in Ireland. And here we are now back in San Francisco getting your call you found it - what a wonderful surprise!"

David V. E.

Lafayette, CA

Brandon A

Product Design Consultant

Minneapolis, MN

"I didn't even notice that I had lost my watch. How do I get it back? Thank you so much."


Sharon D

Data Analyst

Orleans, Ontario, Canada

"I didn’t even notice my keys were gone — and all of a sudden I got your call. I'm ecstatic and TOTALLY sold on your service!"

Wonder No More

"I'm so lucky my keys were found right away. The finder was a homeless guy who was still there on the bike trail, just like you said. I gave him a reward for his efforts. When I got BoomerangIt several years ago I wondered if it was really worth it, but it actually works."

Don K

Mountain Valley, CA

it works

Diane Winthrop

Boston, MA

College Student

"I don't know how I lost my Pentax camera. I know I lost it while in England. I lived there - in Ilkley, Yorkshire. To be honest, I'd completely forgotten about it. To have it back here after all this time — I'm amazed."

Reverend John K

Jefferson City, MO

"BoomerangIt has been so beneficial to us as twice now our keys have been returned to us."

the sticker

So Far Safari

"It took my daughter two full days to fly back from a safari in India, via Paris and New York. She left her Iphone and noise-canceling headset on the plane. The cleaning people on Delta saw the BoomerangIt sticker and called it in right away. You've saved us $400+, plus the money she spent on downloads. I've told everyone I know about you."

Dorothy C

Green Cove Springs, FL

Roberta Z

Santa Cruz, CA

"I wish I'd had BoomerangIt when I lost my last headset."

Brock B

Product Development Manager

Edina, MN

"Real surprised the service actually worked. I was already looking to buy a new phone. You saved me a lot of money. Thank you."

Manhattan Memories

"I'm so happy you found our Toshiba camera. It had our trip to New York on there and some pictures from a company event, which are all still there."

Roseanne W

Park Ridge, IL


Robert T

Investment Consultant

Orinda, CA

"It was extraordinarily gratifying to receive back the phone I left on Jetblue. As a result we've decided to put BoomerangIt on all our phones and, shortly, on all our laptops."


Joseph W

just graduated from high school

Quartz Hill, CA

"I found this stolen phone in Lane Park. I picked it up and saw the BoomerangIt label on the back. I called you and fifteen minutes later the guy came by and picked it up."

Liberty Loss

"I missed my flight at Liberty Airport and started making calls to go back into Manhattan. That was when I must have mislaid my phone. I was desperate. When I got back I called the information desk, Lost & Found, a restaurant — all the places near where I last remember using it, hoping that someone would find it and contact me.

I'd put all my personal information in it for just this type of emergency, so that the person that finds it can contact me, but no one called. Then, FOUR days later, I got an e-mail from you saying that you'd found it. The very next day a cycle courier guy delivered it to me at my office.

I appreciate the service tremendously now. I was skeptical about BoomerangIt at first but decided to register as I like trying new things and it sounded cool. In fact I've lost two phones already, and I didn't think anyone would return this one. You have my best wishes for your company, guys! I'll be speaking highly of you and your service from now on. It was miraculous."

Ramiro S

Media Producer

New York


Maxine K

Arlington, VA

"You made a miracle happen. I kept inquiring at Lost & Found at Macy's and nothing, nothing. I felt so foolish for leaving my phone at the mall. I was already looking to buy a new one."


Israel Y

Restaurant Manager

Indian Trail, NC

"I left my backpack outside a restaurant, and I'd only had it three weeks. BoomerangIt is a great service!"


"I left my phone at the Holiday Inn Express in Utah we were staying at while passing through. I called the hotel and they told me they had already contacted BoomerangIt. I was very happy that it was all done before I even knew the item was gone. The cute thing was that the finder was just as excited as me."

Kelley P


Woody Creek, CO


Winnie S


New Orleans, LA

"I wasn’t even aware I had lost my keys until BoomerangIt called. I was screaming with joy: ‘The little tag worked!’ I'm now a true believer in BoomerangIt."


Davina S

Tigard, OR

"I was resigned to buying a new phone. But in the back of my head, I knew that I had put that label on it. I was so glad to hear from BoomerangIt."


Lost in Space

"Are you serious? I lost that phone over a year ago! I thought I left it at the hotel when I visited Disney Casting Center. I checked with them several times and eventually bought a new one. Anyway, I'll renew the service to cover the old one AND the new one. Thanks so much."

Anne B

Fredericksburg, VA


Kevin Van E

Chicago, IL

"It would be an understatement to say you saved my life. There was so much valuable information on my phone. You convinced my wife, she's signing up now!"

Harris L

Interior Designer

Washington, DC

"We thought this cell phone was lost forever. It belongs to a company employee. We use BoomerangIt for our office. It had phone numbers that were irrecoverable. BoomerangIt is a great service!"

My Turn

"I finally found out what it feels like to lose my phone, with no hope of seeing it and all my personal information again. My credit card info was stored in it, too. To be notified by Boomerang that it had been found at the mall was the greatest relief. Thanks Boomerang for being so helpful!"

Sarah M

Kelvington, Saskatchewan

at last

Larry G

Management Consultant

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

"Thanks to BoomerangIt, a massive inconvenience has been avoided!"


Scott J

Electronics Distributor

Moorestown, NJ

"That's wonderful! Very anxious to get my cell phone back. I think it came out of my pocket in a cab in Jacksonville, FL. I'd love to provide a testimonial or talk to the media. I praised the service to everyone I know and that was even before I lost the phone."


Berkeley Blues

"I went into a panic attempting to retrace my steps and drove all the way back to Michael's Craft Store — only to find out that no phone had been turned in. Then I got your call that a lady called Sarah had found it. I'm so relieved that there are still honest people in this world, and that I'd registered it with BoomerangIt. I do indeed concur that Sarah is a Great Samaritan and fully deserves a reward!"

Dee-Ann V

Pleasant Hill, Berkeley, CA

within hours

Barbara M

Fort Lauderdale, FL

"I had my stolen phone returned to me within hours of the theft with the help of BoomerangIt and the Delray Beach police department. Thank you so much. I am so happy. You don't know how bad I needed it."


Paula L

Music Teacher

Los Angeles, CA

"I lost it on the train and assumed it was stolen. It had a lot of family photos on it and so had great sentimental value. What a relief!"

London Calling

"We decided to spend a recent weekend in London and take in a show — but we left our phone in the theatre. The week after we got it back in perfect shape. That BoomerangIt sticker saved the day. We are sold on your product and will be labeling more of our things. Thank you again for your service . . . it has turned out to be very worthwhile."

Bart and Kim T

Ramstein, Germany


Jan S


Boise, ID

"That's unbelievable! I really appreciate the prompt and efficient service."


Kenneth S

Software Developer

Alameda, CA

"It was my 2TB hard drive with all my backups on it. It's DEFINITELY worth $15 to get it back!"


Swiss Miss

"My cell was stolen from me together with a suitcase and other valuable belongings in Geneva. The police managed to catch the thief, but were only able to return the cell phone, suitcase and what was left of its contents to me because of the BoomerangIt label. To receive all that back here at my home in New Jersey is beyond belief. I deeply appreciate all the work you and the police did to organize it."

William S

IS Services Manager

Plainsboro, NJ

Nigel K

Field Service Technician

Kankakee, IL

"It means so much to have my phone back. I have a hundred-plus numbers for work in there. I was desperate without it the last few days. You saved me."

no idea

Roberta S

College Student

Santa Cruz, CA

"I so wish I had BoomerangIt when I lost my Samsung Galaxy."

Tokyo Story

"Somewhere on the way back from Tokyo I lost my Blackberry. I was positive I'd left it on the plane so I reported it to American Airlines. When they didn't get back to me I was about to give up, but then I got the call from you that it had indeed been found on the plane. Thanks to your recovery service I received my phone back undamaged and with all the numbers and information I absolutely depend on."

Naomi R

Garments Buyer

Long Island, NY

so glad

Larry G

Industrial Painter

Turlock, CA

"I'm so glad a program like BoomerangIt actually exists. Unbelievable really. I'm so sick of losing things! I want labels for all of my stuff!"

Daniel D

Highland, IL

"That's my daughter’s cell phone! She just called me this morning to tell me she'd lost it in Chicago Union Station. I didn’t even think of calling you. I should have — I have your labels on everything."


This is Why!

"When I received your email that you'd found my keys I was telling my husband: ‘See, that's why I have these tags on!'"

Georgia D


Sacramento, CA

Torbjörn G

Kungsor, Sweden

"I lost my mobile phone on the Paris-Lausanne train. We got off at Dijon and reported it, then watched a show and ended up spending the night there, but I never seriously expected to see the phone again. I can't believe I've got it back now. That's fantastic!"

my data

Odin L

Independent Movie Maker

New Orleans, LA

"That's great! I lost my camera at the convention center in New Orleans. I had pictures in there from a location-scouting that are far more valuable to me than the camera."

Hit Me Later

"Without realizing, I left my Macbook behind at the security checkpoint of Toronto Pearson International airport on a recent trip to a business convention. It didn't hit me until late that evening when I was unpacking. I became convinced that someone behind me in the security line had stolen it. I felt terrible — without it I can't work. To my relief, airport security found the BoomerangIt sticker I'd put underneath and contacted BoomerangIt. Thanks to your service my laptop was returned to me. I am SO very grateful I was covered by BoomerangIt. Otherwise, it would have been very difficult to get it back, if at all."

Michelle L

Audit Officer

Canton, OH

lost without you
full circle

Mary S

Gilbert, AZ

"Really? Someone sent you my son's phone? This has come full circle — we actually became members by returning someone else's lost phone. It makes me so happy to get it back. I've been feeling out of touch with him recently."


Gregory C


Huntersville, NC

"These stickers are great for my tools, which are expensive and I can't afford to lose. I'll be ordering more in the near future."