Last updated 25 August, 2020.

BoomerangIt Back-2-U

BoomerangIt’s mission is to help return your lost property to you. Furthermore, we know that wallets, phones, keys and so on are essentials of daily life, so we understand the importance of returning lost property to you as fast as possible. We want to achieve this with a comprehensive solution at minimal cost and inconvenience to yourself, without the burden of recurring annual fees. With this in mind, Boomerangit provides a worldwide express return service (including courier) called Back-2-U that covers all the activated labels, tags and other BoomerangIt Products listed in your Inventory for a single fee. The main provisions of Back-2-U are as follows:

  1. Worldwide
  2. We Pay
  3. We Arrange
  4. Unlimited Use
  5. Basic Guarantee Included
  6. Inventory Size Options
  1. Worldwide. It provides for the collection and return by courier of any item of lost & found property you protect with an activated BoomerangIt Product listed in your Inventory, anywhere in the world. You can call on the Back-2-U service even if your item was found locally, or somewhere else in the same country; it is not exclusively for international lost item recovery.
  2. We Pay. BoomerangIt bears the costs associated with the return.
  3. We Arrange. BoomerangIt will work with the finder, owner, and courier to make the necessary arrangements in respect of packaging, pick-up time and location, the end delivery address and delivery confirmation signature options.
  4. Unlimited Use. There is no limit on the number of times the Back-2-U service can be used, provided each occasion is a genuine lost & found incident.
  5. Basic Guarantee Included. Back-2-U incorporates the provisions of our Basic Guarantee in respect of communication, our role in the process, and the methods of return available to you. You are not obliged to use the Back-2-U courier return service if you find that an In-Person Return or Postal Return will work better for you on a given occasion.
  6. Inventory Size Options. Back-2-U comes in three different plans, each of which reflects a different size of activated Inventory.
    • Standard. For Members with an Inventory of up to 30 activated ID Numbers.
    • Super. For Members with an Inventory of up to 65 activated ID Numbers.
    • Family Size. For Members with an Inventory of up to 140 activated ID Numbers.
    • If Inventory size grows to exceed the upper limit for a given plan, the Member must purchase the appropriate Back-2-U Plan Upgrade in our Store, otherwise the cover becomes void. Those with Inventories over 140 items should contact us at to discuss the options.

While Back-2-U aims to be as comprehensive as possible, please be aware that the service is subject to the following conditions and constraints:

  1. Worldwide Best Effort
  2. Effective Period
  3. Shipping Agent
  4. Express Service
  5. Postal Return Option
  6. Conditions of Carriage
  7. Luggage Recovery Special Case
  8. Insurance
  9. Customs Duties
  10. Retrospective Use Prohibited
  11. Non-Transferable
  12. Right to Refuse
  1. Worldwide Best Effort. We will make our best effort to have the item delivered from any location in the world to any location in the world you wish to have it delivered to, but we provide no guarantee that this will be possible in all cases.
  2. Effective period. Back-2-U covers all the activated labels, tags and other BoomerangIt Products listed in the Member’s Inventory for their functional life. See the section, ‘Product Life and Eligibility’ in our Terms of Use for clarification.
  3. Shipping Agent. BoomerangIt reserves the right to decide which courier service or agent will be used in a recovery situation.
  4. Express Service. BoomerangIt will select whichever service the courier provides that corresponds to an Express Service, but provides no guarantee to the Member as to the amount of time the return of a found item will take.
  5. Postal Return Option. BoomerangIt may use the postal service to return your item if circumstances dictate, if for example a Priority Mail Express return directly from the Finder will actually work out quicker than a courier in a particular situation, if we cannot obtain a courier service for a particular location, or if it is your preference to have the item returned by post.
  6. Conditions of Carriage. The return of the item(s) will necessarily be subject to the provisions of the courier’s Service Guide and Conditions of Carriage in respect of Packaging, Declared Value, Contents Descriptions, Prohibited Items, Dangerous Goods, Customs Requirements and all of the other rules and conditions contained therein, which will in turn determine the arrangements we make, and may delay or even preclude its carriage.
  7. Luggage Recovery Special Case. International shipment of bags, luggage, or something which itself contains other items is a special case. BoomerangIt cannot expose itself to the liability arising from the possibility that there is some object inside which contravenes the Customs regulations or other laws of the countries it will pass through. In this situation you must make the arrangements with the courier directly, including the preparation of a shipping manifest of the contents and making payment yourself. We will provide as much assistance as possible, working with the finder to physically prepare the item(s) for shipment, and to be available for pick-up at an agreed time and location. We will reimburse you the shipping costs you incur up to a maximum of US$350 for any one instance of international luggage recovery if valid receipts are provided. If the courier we routinely use can provide us with a discount code for you to use so that you obtain the service at the rate BoomerangIt would, then we will do so.
  8. Insurance. BoomerangIt does not insure your shipped item. Your item will be subject to the default Declared Value Coverage offered by the courier, which quantifies their liability for lost or damaged packages in their care. If you want shipping insurance for your item(s) you must make that request to our agent at the time and they will convey the insurance options offered by the courier. If you require shipping insurance, we must receive payment from you for it before the courier undertakes the shipment.
  9. Customs Duties. Customs duties, if applicable, are not covered by BoomerangIt and must be paid by the Member.
  10. Retrospective Use Prohibited. Back-2-U does not cover lost & found items that were reported to us by a Finder before the cover became effective.
  11. Non-Transferable. Back-2-U cover is specific to a BoomerangIt Member account and the activated ID Numbers in their Inventory. If a Member with Back-2-U transfers an item from their Inventory to another Member that does not have Back-2-U cover, the transferred item will not enjoy Back-2-U cover, unless the transferee has Back-2-U and the size of their Inventory still qualifies for the Back-2-U plan they have purchased.
  12. Right to Refuse. BoomerangIt reserves the right to refuse a recovery using the Back-2-U service and even cancel it altogether without refund for a particular Member if we believe the service is being misused or abused in some way, such as, but not restricted to the following scenarios:
    • It is being used for the shipment of goods for a commercial purpose.
    • It is being used for the shipment of goods prohibited by law.
    • It is being used for the shipment of goods prohibited by these Terms of Use.
    • It is being used to transport a piece of property where a genuine lost and found incident has not occurred.

Terms of Use

Back-2-U is one part of our Terms of Use. Please consult that page to understand the full scope of BoomerangIt's terms and conditions.