Last updated 25 August, 2020.

Acceptance of Terms

If you create an account on this website (‘Site’) and / or purchase a BoomerangIt product, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to be bound by our Privacy Policy and the terms and conditions set out below and in any modified or additional terms that BoomerangIt LLC (‘BoomerangIt’) may publish from time to time. If you do not agree to all the terms and conditions contained in these Terms of Use, do not use this Site or the BoomerangIt Service ('Service').

BoomerangIt may change these Terms of Use from time to time. Your continued access or use of this Site or use of the Service constitutes your acceptance of such changes. Your access and use of this Site and / or use of the Service will be subject to the current version of the Terms of Use, rules and guidelines posted on this Site at the time of such use. Please regularly check the ‘Terms of Use’ link on the home page of to view the terms current at that time.

  1. Concepts and Terminology
  2. The BoomerangIt Service
  3. Entitlement to the Service
  4. Membership
  5. Rewards
  6. Managing the Inventory
  7. Product Life and Eligibility
  8. Basic Guarantee
  9. Annual Postal Return Allowance
  10. Back-2-U Cover
  11. Communication Between Owner and Finder
  12. Warranties and Disclaimers
  13. BoomerangIt Website and Trademarks
  14. Restriction and Termination of Use of Website

Concepts and Terminology

These Terms of Use will make reference to the following concepts and terms at various points:

  1. The BoomerangIt Service (‘Service’). This term encompasses all the products, features, services, technologies, and software we provide to accomplish our mission, which is to return items of lost property to their rightful owners. The specifics of the Service are laid out in various sections below.
  2. BoomerangIt Security Product (‘Product’). A BoomerangIt Security Product is a physical item bearing a single BoomerangIt Identification Number (‘ID Number’) that is attached to or inserted into a possession you wish to protect against accidental loss using our Service. In addition to the ID Number, it bears our logo, our contact information, and a caption that reads ‘RETURN FOR REWARD’. BoomerangIt labels and tags are typical Products.
  3. BoomerangIt ID Number (‘ID Number’). This is an alphanumeric code that uniquely identifies your Product. The ID Number comes in various formats.
  4. Member. A person that creates an account on this website using his/her email address and a password is considered a BoomerangIt Member (‘Member’). See the section ‘Membership’ for more details.
  5. Finder. A person that contacts BoomerangIt to report that they have found an item labeled, tagged, or otherwise protected by a BoomerangIt Product. A person that finds their own BoomerangIt-protected item is not considered a Finder.
  6. BoomerangIt Account (‘Account’). The BoomerangIt Service works by creating a line of communication between Finder and Owner. The contact information printed on a Product directs the Finder to contact us; they provide us with the ID Number printed on the Product; we search our database to match the ID Number with a Member, and the return process proceeds from there. It is vital that a person who uses a Product becomes a Member by creating an Account in this website, activates all their Products, and completes the necessary contact information in it for the Service to work.
  7. Activation. A Product must be ‘activated’ so that its ID Number(s) get assigned to the Member’s account in our system. That way, if the item ever gets lost and found, we can cross-reference the ID Number with a Member account, then contact them to initiate the return process. To do this, the Member must activate the Product’s Activation Code in their Account. In the case of labels, the Activation Code is a code printed at the top of the sheet and is distinct from the ID Numbers of the individual labels; in all other cases the ID Number of the Product functions as the Activation Code. The Member enters this code in the Activation page of his Account to execute the Activation process, after which the ID Numbers appear as a list in the Inventory page.
  8. Inventory. When a Member activates a product, the ID Number(s) printed on it will be assigned to their account in our database, such that they become listed in the Inventory page of their Account. This list is the Member’s Inventory. By clicking on an ID Number in their Inventory the Member will be taken to a Descriptions page where they can add descriptive details of the item they protect with that Product. This description can help us identify a lost & found item, especially if an ID Number communicated to us by a Finder is incomplete.

The BoomerangIt Service

BoomerangIt’s purpose is to help people get back their lost possessions. To do this we provide you with our Service, which comprises the following components:

  1. Coded Security Products. We sell uniquely coded products such as adhesive labels, attachable tags, security cards and other products that you attach or insert into the possessions you wish to protect, so that in the event they get lost and reported found to us we can trace them to the you in our system, then work to return them.
  2. Online Account. We provide you with a free online account within this website as an essential counterpart to the Products you purchase in our online store. It has three main functions:
    1. Storing Member Contact Information. We use the contact information you provide in your account to notify you when your lost possession has been found.
    2. Activating Products. BoomerangIt labels and tags are not assigned to your account in our system until they have been ‘activated’ in the Activation Page of your online account. The BoomerangIt Service is not available to Products that have not been activated.
    3. Storing Inventory Descriptions. You can add descriptions and photographs of your protected items in the Inventory page of your account to help us match an item to you, should it be lost and found.
  3. Email and Text Message Notification Service. We will make our best effort to establish contact with you once we have identified a lost & found item in our system as being yours. We will do this by sending emails and text messages to the phone numbers and email addresses you have provided in your Basic Info and Contacts pages. We will repeat this as necessary until we have made contact or determined that you are no longer reachable at any of the provided contact points.
  4. Return Service. We will make our best effort to have a lost and found item returned to you according to the terms of our Basic Guarantee, or Back-2-U service, if applicable. See those sections for full details.

Entitlement to the Service

Being in possession of BoomerangIt labels and tags by itself does not oblige BoomerangIt to provide you with our Service. The Service is provided to you subject to you satisfying the following conditions:

  1. You have created a valid Member Account (see Membership).
  2. You have provided valid contact information in your account.
  3. The phone numbers and email addresses of other people that you provide in the Contacts page, if any, are done so with the express consent of those individuals.
  4. The labels and tags that you have attached to your possessions have been activated in your Account.
  5. You are the legal owner of the items (including pets) you have protected with our Products.


You become a BoomerangIt Member (‘Member’) by creating a valid account in this website. This is done as follows:

  1. By providing an email address that is yours, together with a password in the 'Sign Up' form.
  2. By clicking the acceptance button in the Account Activation Email which we send you once you have created an account. By clicking this button, you signify your acceptance of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, and confirm that you are over 18 years of age, or over the age of majority in the territory in which you reside.
  3. For the Service to work properly the Member should ensure his Account information is as complete and up to date as possible, paying particular attention to the following:
    • Providing up to date contact information in the Basic Info page.
    • Providing additional contact emails and phone numbers in the Contacts page. For example, in a situation where your phone is lost then reported found to us, we can inform you by reaching out to other people who may be with you.
    • Providing descriptions and photographs of the possessions you protect with BoomerangIt Products. By clicking the relevant ID Number in your Inventory Page, you will be taken to a Description page where you can create a descriptive record of your possession. If your lost & found item has a damaged ID Number, we may still be able to match it to you by searching our database using the descriptive details provided by the Finder.

Please note the following points regarding product purchase, ownership, and Service, as it relates to membership:

  1. Being a Member in and of itself does not oblige BoomerangIt to provide you with our Service. The Service is only provided to those Members satisfying the conditions laid out in the section, ‘Entitlement to the Service’, above.
  2. Being a Member does not oblige you to buy our Products.
  3. You do not have to be a Member to be able to purchase our Products. There is no requirement for the purchaser and end user of our Products to be the same person. Our Products can therefore be purchased as gifts for others.
  4. A Member must be the lawful owner of the BoomerangIt Products they have in their possession and items of property protected with those Products.
  5. Member accounts of the deceased are considered void, and all aspects of the BoomerangIt Service that were available to such an account are void.


The success of the BoomerangIt system is made possible by people who volunteer to return a lost item out of kindness, not for material reward. Nevertheless, our products bear the caption ‘Return For Reward’ to provide additional motivation on the Finder’s part in marginal cases. BoomerangIt offers a US$20 Gift Card to spend in our online Store as a reward to Finders once a lost item has been successfully returned to its rightful owner (‘BoomerangIt Finder’s Reward’). Simply finding a BoomerangIt Product, say a loose label or tag, or finding someone’s lost possession protected with such a Product does not automatically make a Finder eligible for the reward; the item must first be returned to its owner. Please note that the BoomerangIt Gift Card has no monetary value and cannot be redeemed for cash. It may not be auctioned, traded, bartered or sold and is not transferable upon death, by gift, as part of a domestic relations matter, or otherwise, except by operation of law.

There is no obligation whatsoever on the Member that owns the lost & found item to provide a separate reward of their own to the Finder. When a Finder first contacts BoomerangIt to report a found item, we do not initiate any discussion of a reward, and if asked about a reward will only mention the BoomerangIt Finder’s Reward, not the possibility of an additional reward from the owner. When a Member loses a BoomerangIt-tagged possession, they should complete a Lost Item Report in their Account as soon as possible and state any reward they would like to offer to the Finder. That way, we know in advance of receiving a Finder’s report for that item that the Member is willing to offer a reward and so can communicate that information to the Finder.

Managing The Inventory

A Member’s Inventory is a list of all the ID Numbers printed on the tags, labels, and other BoomerangIt Products they own. It is not simply a reference list; it allows for descriptive details to be added by the Member for each possession they have protected with a given Product. We strongly encourage Members to do this because if a lost item is reported as found to us, but the ID Number is damaged and therefore incomplete, we must rely on these descriptive details to trace the found item to a Member Account.

The Inventory will of course grow as the Member activates more Products, but a Member can also reduce the size of their Inventory. If a Member gives a BoomerangIt-labeled possession to someone else, they should remove the item from their Inventory by transferring it to the Account of the new owner using the 'Transfer' feature. If a member’s BoomerangIt-labeled possession has been discarded by the Member, maybe due to damage or obsolescence, they should delete it from from their Inventory using the 'Remove' feature. Needless to say, a Member should never remove a lost item from their Inventory as that would defeat the purpose of having BoomerangIt protection.

Product Life and Eligibility

While our Products are designed to be durable, they will inevitably deteriorate with wear and tear as per any physical object. We do not replace Products that deteriorate through wear and tear. Whether or not a BoomerangIt Security Product can still perform its function is a determination the Member must make. At a bare minimum, a Product should be capable of indicating to a Finder that they should contact BoomerangIt. Even if the ID Number is damaged, we may still be able to match the lost item with the owner in our system if the Member has provided a description for the item in their Inventory. If a Product has deteriorated to the point it can no longer perform its function, we consider it a ‘Redundant Product’ bearing a ‘Redundant ID Number’ and therefore ineligible for the Service. At this point the Member should remove the item from their Inventory – see ‘Managing The Inventory’ for how to permanently delete an item from the Inventory.

Only a functional, non-Redundant, original BoomerangIt-branded Security Product, such as a label or tag, is considered eligible for the BoomerangIt Service. We consider both the printed information and the physical object upon which it is printed as a single indivisible BoomerangIt Product. If a Member were to leave Redudant ID Numbers on their Inventory, then improvise a replacement label or tag from their own materials, using BoomerangIt’s contact information and a Redundant ID Number written or printed on those materials, such that it could perform the function of a BoomerangIt product, that would be considered a violation of these Terms & Conditions, and in such a case BoomerangIt reserves the right to withdraw the service from that Member and close their Account.

Basic Guarantee

Each BoomerangIt Product ('Product') you purchase comes with our Basic Guarantee. Broadly speaking, it means we guarantee we will always inform you whenever a lost BoomerangIt-tagged item of yours has been reported found to us — subject to our ability to match the reported item with one in your Inventory, and subject to the accuracy and completeness of the contact information you have provided in your account — and make a best-effort attempt to get the lost item returned to you using the means explained below. Please note that our Basic Guarantee only covers BoomerangIt Products that have been activated in your account, so please do not forget the activation step once you have received your labels, tags, or other Product. The precise terms of our Basic Guarantee are as follows:

  1. Notification. We will try to contact you once we have identified a lost & found item in our system as being yours. We will do this by sending emails and text messages to the phone numbers and email addresses you have provided in your Basic Info and Contacts pages. We will repeat this as necessary until we have made contact, or otherwise satisfied ourselves that the contact information provided in your account is invalid, should our efforts be met with no response. Contacting you is on a 'best efforts' basis by BoomerangIt and we are not liable for situations that arise because you did receive a notification, for whatever reason.
  2. First Contact with the Finder. In our initial communication with the person that reported your item as found ('Finder') we will endeavor to obtain as much information from them in respect of the time, location and condition in which your item was found, its BoomerangIt ID Number, and photographs of the item and label if possible. In the first instance we will attempt a trace on the ID Number in our system to see if we can find it and the Member Account it belongs to, otherwise we will try by searching the make, model, serial number and other descriptive information we have available. This is why it is important for Members to provide descriptions in their Inventory of the possessions they protect with our Products. Before we contact you, we will speak to the Finder to explain the ways in which they can return the item to you; those options being meet-and-return with you in person (‘In-Person Return’), return by means of a pre-paid, addressed envelope sent to them by us (‘Postal Return’), or pick-up from them using a courier service we organize (‘Courier Return’). We will also ask the Finder if they consent for us to release their contact details to you.
  3. First Contact with You. When we first contact you we will convey the details provided by the Finder as to the time, location and condition in which your item was found (if provided), their preferred recovery method (if they have one), and their contact details (if they consent). We will not disclose your contact details to the Finder without your written (email) authorization.
  4. Verification Steps. In any lost & found return situation, BoomerangIt reserves the right to take the following steps in the interests of security:
    • Identity Verification of Finder and Owner. Making any inquiries we consider necessary to validate the identity of both the Finder and the person we have contacted and believe to be the Owner. The parties must, at our request, provide further information that will allow us to reasonably identify them. For the Owner this will include answering security questions based on information in their account. The parties must, at our request, provide clear copies of a current valid form of official photographic ID that we specify, such as a driver's license or passport. We may also ask the parties to provide a clear photograph of themselves holding the ID along with a code that we send via SMS-text message as an additional identity verification step. We furthermore reserve the right to request a video interview with the Owner and / or Finder to validate this information and their identity, as well as to ascertain details of the lost & found incident.
    • Label and Item Verification. We will require the Finder to provide us with photographs of the found item and its attached BoomerangIt Product (label, tag, etc.) before proceeding with the return process.
  5. Our Role. Even if the Finder has consented to us releasing their contact details to you, there is no obligation on you whatsoever to communicate and liaise with them. Unless instructed otherwise by you, BoomerangIt expects to act as the communication intermediary between you and the Finder, and to take care of the logistical arrangements to return the item to you. The exception to this is an In-Person Return.
  6. In-Person Return. You may opt to meet the Finder in person to retrieve your lost item if both parties agree. These arrangements must be made directly between the two parties; BoomerangIt takes no responsibility for the content of the communication between the two parties, plays no role in arranging a meeting time and place, and takes no responsibility for what transpires between the Finder and Owner if they meet. We ask you to take common sense precautions when communicating with and meeting a stranger. See the ‘Communicating with The Finder’ section in our Terms of Use page.
  7. Postal Return. If you wish, and if it is practicable for the item(s) in question, BoomerangIt can send a pre-paid, addressed padded envelope to the Finder to return the item(s) to you. The address is a delivery address you specify. It may be different from the one you have provided in the Basic Info page of your account. If you do not wish your delivery address to be revealed to the Finder in this way, we can have the package addressed to our Service Center, from where we will forward it on to you. Please note the following:
    • Postal Return is only available within and between the United States and Canada, using only the United States Postal Service and Canada Post. We therefore advise Members in the rest of the world to purchase our comprehensive worldwide return service, Back-2-U.
    • The Member receives an allowance per calendar year of US$20 to cover the costs of Postal Returns (‘Postal Return Allowance’). In other words, BoomerangIt will pay the cost of postal returns to you, up to a limit of US$20 per year. See the section ‘Annual Postal Return Allowance’.
  8. Courier Return. If you wish us to arrange a courier service to retrieve your item(s) from the Finder, either because it is not practicable to do so using our pre-paid envelope option, and / or you require your lost item(s) back as soon as possible, then we will make those arrangements for you. We will need to receive payment from you for this beforehand. There is no handling charge for the work done by BoomerangIt to make these arrangements. Please note the following regarding Courier Return:
    • The Postal Return Allowance cannot be used to offset the cost of a Courier Return, whole or in part.
    • Courier Return in this context is an ad-hoc, as-required service, the cost of which is borne by the Member directly. It is not to be confused with our Back-2-U service, which is our comprehensive courier return service. If the Member has already purchased Back-2-U cover and wants Courier Return in a given situation, it will be covered by Back-2-U, meaning BoomerangIt bears all the associated costs. See the page, ‘Back-2-U Cover’ for full details.

Annual Postal Return Allowance

As part of the Basic Guarantee BoomerangIt provides each Member with an allowance of US$20 per calendar year to cover the cost of postage and packing for Postal Returns in the United States of America and Canada. Please note the following:

  1. The allowance is a provision for you as a Member, not for each BoomerangIt Product (label, tag, or other security product) you have. The cost of each Postal Return in a year will be subtracted from that year’s allowance, thereby reducing the balance available for any other Postal Returns that occur in that calendar year.
  2. If the balance remaining on a Member’s Annual Postal Return Allowance is insufficient to cover the cost of a Postal Return we will need to charge the excess to you before dispatching the pre-paid envelope to the Finder.
  3. This annual allowance is not pro-rated downwards for people that join BoomerangIt part-way through a calendar year.
  4. Any part of the allowance that is unused at the end of the calendar year becomes void; it is not carried forward and added to the subsequent year’s allowance.

The allowance may not be used for any other purpose such as purchasing Products, Member-offered rewards, and may not be exchanged for cash or credit of any type.

BoomerangIt Back-2-U

BoomerangIt’s mission is to help return your lost property to you. We know that wallets, phones, keys and so on are essentials of daily life, so we understand the importance of returning lost property to you as fast as possible. We want to achieve this with a comprehensive solution at minimal cost and inconvenience to yourself, without the burden of recurring annual fees. With this in mind, Boomerangit provides a worldwide express return service (including courier) called Back-2-U that covers all the activated labels, tags and other BoomerangIt Products listed in your Inventory for a single fee. The main provisions of Back-2-U are as follows:

  1. Worldwide. It provides for the collection and return by courier of any item of lost & found property you protect with an activated BoomerangIt Product listed in your Inventory, anywhere in the world. You can call on the Back-2-U service even if your item was found locally, or somewhere else in the same country; it is not exclusively for international lost item recovery.
  2. We Pay. BoomerangIt bears the costs associated with the return.
  3. We Arrange. BoomerangIt will work with the Finder, owner, and courier to make the necessary arrangements in respect of packaging, pick-up time and location, the end delivery address and delivery confirmation signature options.
  4. Unlimited Use. There is no limit on the number of times the Back-2-U service can be used, provided each occasion is a genuine lost & found incident.
  5. Basic Guarantee Included. Back-2-U incorporates the provisions of our Basic Guarantee in respect of communication, our role in the process, and the methods of return available to you. You are not obliged to use the Back-2-U courier return service if you find that an In-Person Return or Postal Return will work better for you on a given occasion.
  6. Getting Covered. Getting covered is a simple process.
    • Limit. Members receive Back-2-U cover when their activated inventory size is less than or equal to their Back-2-U Limit. Every new BoomerangIt member account begins with a Back-2-U Limit of zero.
    • Back-2-U Protector. To give Back-2-U cover to your inventory you must increase your Back-2-U Limit to the required size by activating a Back-2-U Protector voucher(s) purchased from our online shop. This is a voucher with a code which, once input in the Activation page of your account, will add 40 units to your Back-2-U Limit.
    • Staying Covered. If your inventory grows to exceed your Back-2-U Limit, your Back-2-U cover becomes ineffective. In such a case, purchase additional voucher(s) to increase your Limit to a level that covers your inventory size. The effective status of your Back-2-U Cover is displayed in the Summary page of your account.

While Back-2-U aims to be as comprehensive as possible, please be aware that the service is subject to the following conditions and constraints:

  1. Single Instance Expense Limit. Back-2-U expenses are capped at US$350 for a single recovery. In other words, BoomerangIt will perform a lost & found recovery provided the expenses incurred in doing so do not exceed US$350.
  2. Worldwide Best Effort. We will make our best effort to have the item delivered from any location in the world to any location in the world you wish to have it delivered to, but we provide no guarantee that this will be possible in all cases.
  3. Effective period. Back-2-U covers all the activated labels, tags and other BoomerangIt Products listed in the Member’s Inventory for their functional life. See the section, ‘Product Life and Eligibility’ elsewhere in these Terms of Use for clarification.
  4. Shipping Agent. BoomerangIt reserves the right to decide which courier service or agent will be used in a recovery situation.
  5. Express Service. BoomerangIt will select whichever service the courier provides that corresponds to an Express Service, but provides no guarantee to the Member as to the amount of time the return of a found item will take.
  6. Postal Return Option. BoomerangIt may use the postal service to return your item if circumstances dictate, if for example a Priority Mail Express return directly from the Finder will actually work out quicker than a courier in a particular situation, if we cannot obtain a courier service for a particular location, or if it is your preference to have the item returned by post.
  7. Conditions of Carriage. The return of the item(s) will necessarily be subject to the provisions of the courier’s Service Guide and Conditions of Carriage in respect of Packaging, Declared Value, Contents Descriptions, Prohibited Items, Dangerous Goods, Customs Requirements and all of the other rules and conditions contained therein, which will in turn determine the arrangements we make, and may delay or even preclude its carriage.
  8. International Luggage Recovery. International shipment of bags, luggage, or something which itself contains other items is a special case. BoomerangIt cannot expose itself to the liability arising from the possibility that there is some object inside which contravenes the Customs regulations or other laws of the countries it will pass through. In this situation you must make the arrangements with the courier directly, including the preparation of a shipping manifest of the contents and making payment yourself. We will provide as much assistance as possible, working with the Finder to physically prepare the item(s) for shipment, and to be available for pick-up at an agreed time and location. We will reimburse you the shipping costs you incur up to a maximum of US$350 for any one instance of international luggage recovery if valid receipts are provided. If the courier we routinely use can provide us with a discount code for you to use so that you obtain the service at the rate BoomerangIt would, then we will do so.
  9. Insurance. BoomerangIt does not insure your shipped item. Your item will be subject to the default Declared Value Coverage offered by the courier, which quantifies their liability for lost or damaged packages in their care. If you want shipping insurance for your item(s) you must make that request to our agent at the time and they will convey the insurance options offered by the courier. If you require shipping insurance, we must receive payment from you for it before the courier undertakes the shipment.
  10. Customs Duties. Customs duties, if applicable, are not covered by BoomerangIt and must be paid by the Member.
  11. Retrospective Use Prohibited. Back-2-U does not cover lost & found items that were reported to us by a Finder before the cover became effective.
  12. Non-Transferable. Back-2-U cover is specific to a BoomerangIt Member account and the activated ID Numbers in their Inventory. If a Member with Back-2-U transfers an item from their Inventory to another Member that does not have Back-2-U cover, the transferred item will not enjoy Back-2-U cover, unless the transferee has Back-2-U and the size of their Inventory still qualifies for the Back-2-U plan they have purchased.
  13. Activated Inventory Only. Back-2-U cover only applies to the items listed in the Inventory page of your account, i.e., BoomerangIt labels and tags that have been activated. If you purchased a set of BoomerangIt labels but did not activate them (and so do not appear in your inventory), the possessions you attach them to would not be covered by the Back-2-U return service should they become lost and found.
  14. Right to Refuse. BoomerangIt reserves the right to refuse a recovery using the Back-2-U service and even cancel it altogether without refund for a particular Member if we believe the service is being misused or abused in some way, such as, but not restricted to the following scenarios:
    • It is being used for the shipment of goods for a commercial purpose.
    • It is being used for the shipment of goods prohibited by law.
    • It is being used for the shipment of goods prohibited by these Terms of Use.
    • It is being used to transport a piece of property where a genuine lost and found incident has not occurred.

Communication Between Owner and Finder

Whether you are a Finder or an Owner, when choosing to communicate, meet or interact with each other as a result of the information provided to you by BoomerangIt, you do so at your own risk. BoomerangIt takes no responsibility for the content or consequences of your communication and interaction with each other. Please exercise appropriate measures to protect your security, safety, and confidentiality at all times. Be mindful if sharing any personal information such as your home phone number or home address with the Finder. It is always best to meet at a public location such as a public library or a college campus when retrieving your item. When meeting the Finder, choose a well-lit area and consider bringing a friend so you are not alone. Use your judgement if something about a situation does not feel right, trust your instincts and immediately remove yourself from the situation. Never attempt to confront someone yourself if you feel that a crime has been or is being committed — contact the authorities immediately.

Warranties and Disclaimers

  • The BoomerangIt Service is not a guarantee that your lost item will be found.
  • The Service is not a guarantee that a lost and found item will be returned, even if found.
  • The Service does not guarantee that a returned item will be in the same condition it was in at the time of loss.
  • The Service provides no guarantee as to the time it will take to return an item to you.
  • The Service covers only those possessions that are labelled, tagged, or otherwise protected with our Products. It does not cover any other items of property you own.
  • Our products are not tracking products. The Service is not a GPS, implanted chip, electronic tracking or locating device.
  • The Service does not cover people. Our products should not be attached to adults or children for the purposes of identifying or finding them.
  • The Service does not cover perishable items, such as food and plants.
  • The Service does not cover items prohibited by law, such as drugs, weapons, protected species and the like.
  • The Service is not an insurance product. It does not provide replacements of lost items, nor compensation for the costs or expenses related to the of loss a possession, including pets, or damage thereto, nor compensation for the cost of returning an item to you over and above that which is provided for under the terms of our Basic Guarantee and Back-2-U Service.
  • BoomerangIt takes no responsibility for the way in which a Finder will co-operate with either the owner or BoomerangIt.
  • This Site, its information and content, and all the materials, Products and the Service made available through it are provided ‘as is’. BoomerangIt expressly disclaims any and all warranties of any kind, whether express or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or non-infringement, and any other warranty that might arise under any law. Notwithstanding the foregoing, BoomerangIt makes no representations or warranties of any kind as to the operation of this Site, its information and content, all the materials, Products and the Service made available through it, that the Site and our Service will be available in your jurisdiction, that access to Site and the Service will be uninterrupted, or that we will continue any particular feature of the Site and our Service.
  • Your use of this Site and our Service is at your own risk. BoomerangIt will not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or punitive damages arising out of your access to, or use of this Site and our Service, or inability to use this Site and our Service. This limitation applies whether the alleged liability is based on contract, tort, negligence, strict liability, or any other basis. Where jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, BoomerangIt’s liability in such jurisdictions shall be limited to the extent permitted by law.
  • BoomerangIt is not responsible for any information contained in a Member’s Account. It is a Member's sole responsibility to ensure it is up to date and accurate.

BoomerangIt Website and Trademarks

As it relates to these Terms of Use, the term, ‘Trademark(s)’ refers to all common law or registered logos, trademarks, trade names, Internet domain names, product designs or other indications of origin now or in the future used by BoomerangIt. Please note the following points in relation to this website and our trademarks:

  1. Nothing contained herein grants or shall be construed to grant you any rights to use any BoomerangIt Trademark.
  2. You agree that you will not use BoomerangIt’s Trademarks in any manner that might tarnish, disparage, or reflect adversely on such Trademarks or BoomerangIt.
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