Last updated 25 August, 2020.

Basic Guarantee

Each BoomerangIt Product ('Product') you purchase comes with our Basic Guarantee. Broadly speaking, it means we guarantee we will always inform you whenever a lost BoomerangIt-tagged item of yours has been reported found to us — subject to our ability to match the reported item with one in your Inventory, and subject to the accuracy and completeness of the contact information you have provided in your account — and make a best-effort attempt to get the lost item returned to you using the means explained below. Please note that our Basic Guarantee only covers BoomerangIt Products that have been activated in your account, so please do not forget the activation step once you have received your labels, tags, or other Product. The precise terms of our Basic Guarantee are as follows:

  1. Notification
  2. First Contact with the Finder
  3. First Contact with You
  4. Verification Steps
  5. Our Role
  6. In-Person Return
  7. Postal Return
  8. Courier Return
  9. Annual Postal Return Allowance
  1. Notification. We will try to contact you once we have identified a lost & found item in our system as being yours. We will do this by sending emails and text messages to the phone numbers and email addresses you have provided in your Basic Info and Contacts pages. We will repeat this as necessary until we have made contact, or otherwise satisfied ourselves that the contact information provided in your account is invalid, should our efforts be met with no response. Contacting you is on a 'best efforts' basis by BoomerangIt and we are not liable for situations that arise because you did receive a notification, for whatever reason.
  2. First Contact with the Finder. In our initial communication with the person that reported your item as found ('Finder') we will endeavor to obtain as much information from them in respect of the time, location and condition in which your item was found, its BoomerangIt ID Number, and photographs of the item and label if possible. In the first instance we will attempt a trace on the ID Number in our system to see if we can find it and the Member Account it belongs to, otherwise we will try by searching the make, model, serial number and other descriptive information we have available. This is why it is important for Members to provide descriptions in their Inventory of the possessions they protect with our Products. Before we contact you, we will speak to the Finder to explain the ways in which they can return the item to you; those options being meet-and-return with you in person (‘In-Person Return’), return by means of a pre-paid, addressed envelope sent to them by us (‘Postal Return’), or pick-up from them using a courier service we organize (‘Courier Return’). We will also ask the Finder if they consent for us to release their contact details to you.
  3. First Contact with You. When we first contact you we will convey the details provided by the Finder as to the time, location and condition in which your item was found (if provided), their preferred recovery method (if they have one), and their contact details (if they consent). We will not disclose your contact details to the Finder without your written (email) authorization.
  4. Verification Steps. In any lost & found return situation, BoomerangIt reserves the right to take steps necessary for the security of ourselves and Members, and for the prevention of fraud. This includes:
    • Identity Verification of Finder and Owner. Making any inquiries we consider necessary to validate the identity of both the Finder and the person we have contacted and believe to be the Owner. The parties must, at our request, provide further information that will allow us to reasonably identify them. For the Owner this will include answering security questions based on information in their account. The parties must, at our request, provide clear copies of a current valid form of official photographic ID that we specify, such as a driver's license or passport. We may also ask the parties to provide a clear photograph of themselves holding the ID along with a code that we send via SMS-text message as an additional identity verification step. We furthermore reserve the right to request a video interview with the Owner and / or Finder to validate this information and their identity, as well as to ascertain details of the lost & found incident.
    • Label and Item Verification. We will require the Finder to provide us with photographs of the found item and its attached BoomerangIt Product (label, tag, etc.) before proceeding with the return process.
  5. Our Role. Even if the Finder has consented to us releasing their contact details to you, there is no obligation on you whatsoever to communicate and liaise with them. Unless instructed otherwise by you, BoomerangIt expects to act as the communication intermediary between you and the Finder, and to take care of the logistical arrangements to return the item to you. The exception to this is an In-Person Return.
  6. In-Person Return. You may opt to meet the Finder in person to retrieve your lost item if both parties agree. These arrangements must be made directly between the two parties; BoomerangIt takes no responsibility for the content of the communication between the two parties, plays no role in arranging a meeting time and place, and takes no responsibility for what transpires between the Finder and Owner if they meet. We ask you to take common sense precautions when communicating with and meeting a stranger. See the ‘Communicating with The Finder’ section in our Terms of Use page.
  7. Postal Return. If you wish, and if it is practicable for the item(s) in question, BoomerangIt can send a pre-paid, addressed padded envelope to the Finder to return the item(s) to you. The address is a delivery address you specify. It may be different from the one you have provided in the Basic Info page of your account. If you do not wish your delivery address to be revealed to the Finder in this way, we can have the package addressed to our Service Center, from where we will forward it on to you. Please note the following:
    • Postal Return is only available within and between the United States and Canada, using only the United States Postal Service and Canada Post. We therefore advise Members in the rest of the world to purchase our comprehensive worldwide return service, Back-2-U.
    • The Member receives an allowance per calendar year of US$20 to cover the costs of Postal Returns (‘Postal Return Allowance’). In other words, BoomerangIt will pay the cost of postal returns to you, up to a limit of US$20 per year. See the section ‘Annual Postal Return Allowance’.
  8. Courier Return. If you wish us to arrange a courier service to retrieve your item(s) from the Finder, either because it is not practicable to do so using our pre-paid envelope option, and / or you require your lost item(s) back as soon as possible, then we will make those arrangements for you. We will need to receive payment from you for this beforehand. There is no handling charge for the work done by BoomerangIt to make these arrangements. Please note the following regarding Courier Return:
    • The Postal Return Allowance cannot be used to offset the cost of a Courier Return, whole or in part.
    • Courier Return in this context is an ad-hoc, as-required service, the cost of which is borne by the Member directly. It is not to be confused with our Back-2-U service, which is our comprehensive courier return service. If the Member has already purchased Back-2-U cover and wants Courier Return in a given situation, it will be covered by Back-2-U, meaning BoomerangIt bears all the associated costs. See the page, ‘Back-2-U Cover’ for full details.

Annual Postal Return Allowance

As part of the Basic Guarantee BoomerangIt provides each Member with an allowance of US$20 per calendar year to cover the cost of postage and packing for Postal Returns in the United States of America and Canada. Please note the following:

  1. The allowance is a provision for you as a Member, not for each BoomerangIt Product (label, tag, or other security product) you have. The cost of each Postal Return in a year will be subtracted from that year’s allowance, thereby reducing the balance available for any other Postal Returns that occur in that calendar year.
  2. If the balance remaining on a Member’s Annual Postal Return Allowance is insufficient to cover the cost of a Postal Return we will need to charge the excess to you before dispatching the pre-paid envelope to the Finder.
  3. This annual allowance is not pro-rated downwards for people that join BoomerangIt part-way through a calendar year.
  4. Any part of the allowance that is unused at the end of the calendar year becomes void; it is not carried forward and added to the subsequent year’s allowance.

The allowance may not be used for any other purpose such as purchasing Products, Member-offered rewards, and may not be exchanged for cash or credit of any type.

Terms of Use

Basic Guarantee is also an integral part of our comprehensive, worldwide lost & found recovery service, Back-2-U, and both form part of our Terms of Use. Please consult that page to understand the full scope of BoomerangIt's terms and conditions.