Last updated 05 July, 2020.


This page explains what information we collect from you when you use our Service, how we use and protect it, and how you can delete it. Please read it carefully to understand our practices regarding your personal data. By disclosing your personal information to us by using the BoomerangIt account website, making a purchase from the BoomerangIt store, sending us an email, speaking to us over the telephone or leaving a voice mail, you consent to the collection, storage and processing of your personal information as stated in this policy.

By using this website, you signify your agreement to the contents of this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to this Privacy Policy, please do not use this website. BoomerangIt reserves the right, at its discretion, to update or revise this Privacy Notice. Please check this Privacy Policy for changes. Your continued use of this website following the posting of any changes to this Privacy Policy constitutes acceptance of those changes.

  1. BoomerangIt Products and Your Identity
  2. Your Information and Its Use
  3. Who Your Information Is Shared With
  4. Data Storage and Access by BoomerangIt
  5. Updating and Deleting Your Information
  6. Legal Basis for Processing Information Under GDPR
  7. Children
  8. Cross-border Transfer of Information (for users in EEA)
  9. Compromise of Information
  10. For California Residents
  11. Changes to This Privacy Policy

BoomerangIt Products and Your Identity

BoomerangIt security products bear a unique alpha-numeric code (BoomerangIt Identification Number, or BIN) that we can use to match a lost & found item with its owner. We take the 'Owner' to be the BoomerangIt account-holder to whom a given BIN number is registered in our database. BoomerangIt products never display the identity of the owner.

Your Information and Its Use

Below we list the ways in which you provide information to us. We use this information to operate, maintain, and provide the features and functionality of our Service to you, to correspond with you, and to address any issues you raise about BoomerangIt. In all cases the information we collect is kept confidential and is not shared with a third party, except where stated.

1. Account Creation

It is necessary to provide us with your email address and a password if you want to create a BoomerangIt account. We refer to this email address as your 'Primary Email Address'. The password you provide is encrypted in our system. You should try to use a strong, alpha-numeric password which you should not divulge to anyone. You can subsequently change both your Primary Email Address and your login password in dedicated pages of your account. We do not retain a previous email address once it has been changed.

2. Basic Information Page

The Basic Information page of your account is used to store these primary contact details: your name, address and telephone number. Together with your Primary Email Address, this constitutes your 'Primary Contact Information'. The following fields of that page are treated as mandatory should you choose to complete it: First Name, Last Name, Street Address, State, Country, Postal Code and Telephone Number. If you are creating an account for an organization, you can check the 'Organization' checkbox on that page. Doing so will make the Job Title, Organization Name, and Organization URL (web address) fields mandatory. All the information in the Basic Information page can be edited and deleted at any time. Please note that if you do not provide us with your Primary Contact Information, or keep it up to date, it may impair the Service you receive from us, especially if it means we are not able to contact and return a lost item to you, which is the central purpose of BoomerangIt.

Although the main purpose of us collecting Primary Contact Information is to facilitate the return of a lost & found possession to you, we will also use it to inform you of the status of any subscriptions you may have, including renewal reminders, to verify your logon credentials and contact information, to inform you of changes to our Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy, and to send you news about the company. BoomerangIt may also wish to contact you about new products, services and special offers. These communications are considered marketing emails. You can choose to receive such communications when you first create a BoomerangIt account, and subsequently change that setting by checking / unchecking the 'Please notify me of new BoomerangIt products and services' checkbox in your Basic Information page.

3. Additional Contact Information

You can provide us with up to three additional email addresses and three additional phone numbers in the Contacts page of your account. This feature is intended to increase the chances of us being able to reach you in a situation where your primary contact device, usually your phone, has been lost then reported found. This information will only be used in the aforementioned scenario to make contact with you, and will not be used for marketing purposes or disclosed to a third party. This additional contact information can be edited and deleted at any time.

4. Item Descriptions

You can provide us with descriptions and images of the possessions you label or tag with our security products. This is done in the Descriptions page of your online account, accessed via the Inventory page. This information can be helpful in matching a found item with its owner if the ID code on a found item has been damaged. As per our policy, this information is securely stored and not shared with a third party. You can edit and delete item descriptions at any time, except when the item in question has been the subject of a lost & found return. In this case the item record is locked. It can be deleted only if you delete your entire BoomerangIt account.

5. Store Purchases

Anybody can make a purchase from the BoomerangIt store. There is no requirement to have a BoomerangIt account. This allows BoomerangIt products to be purchased as gifts for others. There is no systematic relationship between the financial transactions on our Store and BoomerangIt member accounts, therefore the ultimate owner of the purchased product, which may or may not be the purchaser, must create a BoomerangIt account in order to activate the product and realize the full value of the service. When you make a purchase from our store we request payment (e.g., credit card), billing, and delivery information. This financial transaction data is not regarded as 'user data' and is therefore not deletable. It is necessarily acquired for the purpose of validating payment method, expediting the transaction, and retained for audit and legal obligations. None of your financial information is disclosed by BoomerangIt to a third party. Credit card processing and payments for transactions on the online store are handled by either Stripe Inc. or PayPal Inc. on the Shopify e-commerce platform. To the best of our knowledge, these companies do not retain, share, store or use personally identifiable information for any other purpose than payment processing.

6. Reporting a Found Item

A person that finds a BoomerangIt-labeled item (a 'Finder') can notify us by phone or email. Existing BoomerangIt members can also use a dedicated page in their online account for the purpose. We will need the Finder's primary contact information, i.e., name, address, contact email and phone number in order to expedite the return of a lost & found item. In supplying this information to us the Finder agrees to allow us and our logistics partners to use that information to assist in the recovery and return of the item to its owner. As a part of our service, the Finder may be asked for their consent to allow their details to be disclosed to the registered owner of the item. BoomerangIt will only release the contact details of the owner to the Finder with their consent, including the case where the item is shipped back directly from the finder to the owner.

7. Information Collected Automatically

Our website measures traffic and usage trends automatically using analytics tools. These tools collect information sent by your browser or mobile device, such as the pages and time you visit, the browser used, and the website via which you came to our site. This information assists us in improving our service. The data collected by analytics tools is anonymous, it does not capture someone's identity. In addition, when you access this website it automatically sends 'cookies' — small text files — to your browser that are necessary for it to perform normally. One of these is a 'Session Cookie' which uniquely identifies your browser (not you) in order to track the life of the browser session with us. When you log in as a BoomerangIt member it also sends a 'Membership Cookie' to your computer which allows you to remain logged in for a fixed amount of time. Whenever you access this website within that time period you will be logged in automatically, there is no need to enter your email and password in order to access your account. You can block cookies by making changes to your browser settings, however it means you will have to log in again the next time you want to access your BoomerangIt account.

Who Your Information Is Shared With

BoomerangIt does not sell or otherwise provide personal information to other companies for the marketing of their own products or services, nor does it share personal information with any other party in the normal course of business except in the circumstance already explained above, namely of a finder reporting a BoomerangIt-labeled item to us. In supplying their contact information to us the finder agrees to allow us and our logistics partners to use that information to assist in the recovery and return of the item to its owner. As part of that return service, the finder may be asked for their consent to allow their details to be disclosed to the registered owner of the item. We do not share the contact information of the finder and owner with each other unless they consent to it. In the same way, BoomerangIt will only release the contact details of the owner to the Finder with their consent, including the case where the item is shipped back directly from the finder to the owner. We will also obtain that consent if the original finder intends to leave the item with another party for courier collection. Cases where we would share your information with other parties are as follows:

  1. When we are required to do so as a result of a court order, subpoena or other legal requirement.
  2. When we believe it is necessary to investigate potentially fraudulent or criminal activity in order to protect you or BoomerangIt.
  3. When you have consented to our sharing of it with a third party for a particular purpose.

BoomerangIt will also share your information with a third party in circumstances where we sell, divest or transfer BoomerangIt (including any shares in BoomerangIt), or any combination of its products, services, assets and/or businesses to a third party. Information such as customer names and email addresses, User Content and other user information related to our service may be among the items sold or otherwise transferred in these types of transactions. We will also sell, assign or otherwise transfer such information in the event of corporate divestitures, mergers, acquisitions, bankruptcies, dissolutions, reorganizations, liquidations, similar transactions or proceedings involving all or a portion of BoomerangIt. You will be notified via email and/or a prominent notice on the service if such a transaction takes place and be given notice of any material changes to the way we handle your data under this policy. We may also aggregate or otherwise strip data of all personally identifying characteristics and may share that aggregated, anonymized data with third parties.

Data Storage and Access by BoomerangIt

Your information will be stored and processed in the United States. It is held on dedicated secure servers hosted in ISO-compliant data hosting facilities that only selected BoomerangIt personnel staff have access to using a password. We take all reasonable endeavours to protect your personal data as it travels over the internet, including the use of an SSL Digital Certificate to encrypt the information passing between our server and your browser. This scrambles all the information you have in your BoomerangIt account and any transactions you make in our store as it passes over the world wide web. While we strive to protect your personal information during transmission and on receipt in the ways described above, no method of transmission over the Internet, or method of electronic storage, is 100% secure and we cannot guarantee its absolute security.

Updating and Deleting Your Information

You have the right to access and edit, or delete, your Personal Information at any time. This may be accomplished by clicking on the menu item, "My Account", where you can view and make changes to your Personal Information immediately. If you wish to delete your account you must select the "Delete Account" sub-menu option within your account, after which we will send a further confirmation link to your Primary Email Address. Only when you click this link will your BoomerangIt account be deleted. When you delete your BoomerangIt account, we delete ALL your account details including any activated labels and their descriptions or information such as their photos and notes. You will not be able to recover that information later. Since BoomerangIt's labels and tags come with a lifetime guarantee, deleting your account does not void that guarantee. You can create a new BoomerangIt account at any time. However, if you no longer have the Activation Code that came with those labels you must inform us of the relevant label numbers in order to have them restored to your account.


We do not intend to solicit or collect Personal Information from anyone under the age of 18. If you are under the age of 18 you are not permitted to create an account with BoomerangIt. If you believe a child of yours under the age of 18 has entered Personal Information please contact to have the data removed and terminate the child's account.

Cross-border Transfer of Information (for users in EEA)

For users in the European Economic Area (EEA), where we transfer your information to a third party such as a logistics (shipping) partner that is not located in the EEA, and is not subject to an adequacy decision by the EU Commission, we will require those third party providers to enter into an agreement that provides appropriate safeguards for your information, including by using the EU Model Clauses.

Compromise of Information

In the event that any information under our control is compromised as a result of a breach of security, BoomerangIt will take reasonable steps to investigate the situation and where appropriate, notify those individuals whose information may have been compromised and take other steps, in accordance with any applicable laws and regulations.

For California Residents

California residents have certain rights with respect to their personal information, as described below. Before we may fulfill your requests, we are required by law to verify your identity in order to prevent unauthorized access to your data. This may require us to request that you provide us with certain data to utilize as part of our verification process.

  • Right to Opt-Out of Sale of Your Personal Information. CCPA considers certain uses of personal information, such as sharing your personal information with a third party in order to serve ads to you to be a “sale.” You may request to opt-out of that use of your information by using the methods provided below or via this form.
  • Right to Know and Access Information. You may access information we maintain about you using the methods provided below. If we grant your request, we will provide you with a copy of the personal information we maintain about you in the ordinary course of business. This may include what personal information we collect, use, or disclose about you. We may not fulfill some or all of your request to access as permitted by applicable law.
  • Deletion of Information. You may request that we delete your personal information. Depending on the scope of your request, we may refrain from granting your request, as permitted by applicable law. For example, we may be legally required to retain your information in our business records. You may submit a deletion request using the methods provided below.
  • Authorized Agent. California residents may use an authorized agent on their behalf to exercise a privacy right discussed above. If you are an authorized agent acting on behalf of a California resident to communicate with us or to exercise a privacy right discussed above, you must be able to demonstrate that you have the requisite authorization to act on behalf of the resident and have sufficient access to their laptop, desktop, or mobile device to exercise these rights digitally. If you are an authorized agent trying to exercise rights on behalf of a Site user, please contact us at the contact information below with supporting verification information, which includes a valid Power of Attorney in the State of California, proof that you have access to the consumer’s interface, and proof of your own identify.
  • To Exercise Your Rights: To exercise the rights described above, please go here or contact us using the information below. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your California rights or this privacy policy, you may contact us using the contact information below.

    2140 Shattuck Ave., Suite 608
    Berkeley, CA 94704
    Attn: Legal

Changes to This Privacy Policy

We may update this policy from time to time to reflect our current practice and ensure compliance with applicable laws. When we post changes to this policy, we will revise the “Last Updated” date at the top of this policy. If we make any material changes to the way we collect, use, store and/or share your personal information, we will notify you by prominently posting notice of the changes on our website and/or sending an email to your Primary Email Address.